Tuesday, October 14, 2014

MayMay's Memories in Autumn

Welcome to my home. Hope you can tolerate a few seasonal pictures.
Last week I read about another Instagramer having a "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" themed autumn party. And another doing their annual Pumpkin Moonshine.
And my imagination grew and twined like all those millions of pumpkin seeds found inside a bowl of ripeness.
Then I got sick.
And I had things to take care of when I wasn't sick.
And when I wasn't sick or doing things I just wanted to give my body a timeout on the sofa.
But we had finally zoned in on one evening everyone could be at the house and so I arrived home later than anticipated and MayMay's carefully orchestrated party plans became ultra-simplified...because that's what I do best these days.

My husband had cooked and ran out to find two good-enough size pumpkins.
The pumpkin patch would have to wait.
Afterall, all a Halloween party really needs are pumpkins. Right?
{That's a spaghetti spoon, not a knife. ;-) Great for scrapping out pumpkin guts.}

And we got to wish our autumn babies a very happy birthday.
Corey and Callen (September) Aunt Chelsea (October) Hudson (November)
Except for the October baby telling the December baby to get out of the picture and that caused quite the stink. #drivesmecrazy!!!

Only we forgot to add Opa who is also September so we took another picture.
Only we forgot our son-in-law who is also October.
So we took a 1-year-anniversary picture instead. ;-)
And, if you noticed, Aunt Annie could only find two number candles...an #8 and a #0.
So the boys blew out 80 on the cake and no one at all is 80 or an 8 or a 0 this year. They were the only candles we could find and one didn't light. Oh well!
It's not perfect...we ended up using votive Advent candles to light the pumpkins because we couldn't find any tea candles...but it doesn't stop us.
I've become the Queen of Adaptation.
Then, of course, the boys didn't care anything about family pictures so I probably won't worry about these in upcoming years. I rather the pumpkin action shots anyway.

And it rained the day before so all the firewood got wet so we didn't have a bonfire for the boys.
We didn't have candy or piƱata or roasted seeds or some of the extra fun things I saw others doing on Instagram but I've already done all those things. It's rather liberating to be able to say "I'm just the MayMay."
Those expectations go way down. ;-) Simpler times.
My biggest focus now is simply getting everyone together. If that happens, everything else is gravy.

Carving pumpkins and having family over were my only requirements this year.
Going to the pumpkin patch and putting up the Halloween village are too (I SO want the boys to remember setting up...and rearranging...and playing with...MayMay's Halloween village) but Pops hasn't gotten it down from the loft yet so I guess we'll have to have a sleepover with the boys and aunties real soon.
In the meantime, what might not go beyond a free meal to all these adults who fill my kitchen doorway, is a time of glory days for these little guys. And I'm so thankful and blessed to be able to enjoy the messy, stickiness with them.

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