Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My Children's Book Debut

Pelican Publishing told me my children's book Cajun 'Ti Beau and the Cocodries would debute September 30, 2014. They were very prompt and did not disappoint. :-)
The books arrived to a home that was vacant...which is odd in itself as my home has a constant swing-door policy, much like the little flipper shafts on a pinball machine. There is always someone walking in and out of our house.
But we had lots to do that morning and I had just gotten home from dropping my daughter at the Montessori School where she is learning things I wish I had learned before I ever had children of my own. And I was fighting a deadline of creating sacramental booklets for upcoming parent meetings at my church.
Upon my arrival, as I was looking and wondering how to manhandle those heavy book boxes into my sitting room area, Oma and Opa arrived, followed by Corey and his little family.
While the rest of us mused, sorted, talked, and loved on baby Callen; 83-year-old Opa moved those boxes into the sitting room. Slow and steady wins the race. That pretty much sums up Opa.
As the rest of us talked about how quickly and eventful our morning had gone, Oma was eager to get the first box opened so I set a small---blindsided---scenario in my head.
Corey would bring a box into the living room, we would all sit down, cut open the box, and maybe we'd capture a shot as the first book appeared.

Opa's not so slow at all.
While the rest of us talked rapidly and addressed every issue under the sun from childcare, to morning events, to Montessori approaches, to work habits, to eye appointments and nasty viruses, to medical messes, to land purchases...
...Opa opened a box, sat down, and started reading.
Of course my mother was incredulous, "Ruel, you opened a box?"
But I prefer this scenario to any other that could have been taken.
At 83 years of age, Opa isn't getting any younger. He has already pondered life and doesn't see the point in rehashing it all in one-morning. And, at 83, statistically he doesn't have the unlimited time the rest of us have in savoring the moment and stealing over the pictures of a book that will rest on bookshelves next to the famous Cajun Night Before Christmas which he heard from his own childhood.
{Though the Sonniers tend to live into their 90's and often live into their 100's.}
But...still...if anyone had to open the first box, I'm glad it was Opa.
Because I know how proud he is of his Cajun heritage, and of Louisiana, and of French language, and of being able to see his daughter's book alongside a treasury of Louisiana cultural books that have stood the test of time.
I wouldn't have it any other way.

Speaking of time...
Stay tuned!

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