Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Beehive is Open this Season

Since it's time for crazy preparation, I'd like to offer an open invitation to join us at A Beehive of Spiritual Activity.

It's going to be freely open this Advent Season (beginning November 30) for you to partake of the encouragement, booklets, downloadable lists, etc. to *hopefully* free your home-beehive a little with intentional spiritual activity.

Everything will be sub-divided on the Spiritual Beehive blog and notices will be provided on our Beehive Facebook page. Now is a great time to join us because we have found the Facebook page to be too drippy with sharing the multiple seasonal files so it will be more structured on the blog until we can cull it together on the website: A Beehive of Spiritual Activity

For starters, every day of Advent a simple *stress relief* will be dropped into your holiday tank. This is something that will assist you this month or just something that helps you to embrace the Christmas spirit over the Christmas insanity.

For example, today you pick a cherished scent, one you always associate with holiday bliss, to embrace into your home this season.
Each time you inhale the scent, you will pause.
Each time you exhale the scent, you will prepare.
Each time you breathe the scent deeply, you will prosper.

Simple little cues. Nothing big. Nothing overwhelming. We know you have enough going on without adding any more. We also know there are so many good things hoping for your time, praying for your attention.

Our hope is that you merely think of peace when you see an update from the Spiritual Beehive. It is also our hope that if you are feeling over stimulated by your to-do list, the Spiritual Beehive will remind you to that even if all those snowflurries in your head don't build a snowman, the season is still a joyful thing to contemplate. That's our hope because this is the week of Hope. And if you only capture them in your head and they never become any more than hopeful ideals, that's ok. Because through them those images and ideals will find their way into our hearts and that's a beautiful place for snowflurries to land.

A very beautiful place.

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