Friday, June 5, 2015

Create One Pink Flower

It's been pretty quiet here. The quietness is in contrast to the ruckuses spinning in my head and the overflowing life within my home and family. 

I multitask like a crazy in my head.  I drive like a thoroughbred between our lake cities. And my mission field in our little home communities has prompted me to seek training in the area of spiritual direction.

I've got so much I want to do, so much I want to research, so many plans to implement, so many pieces I want to write.

The ruckus silences me.

And I've been pretty OK with that because I know that God opens all avenues when he desires us to proceed.

Still I see others continuing their projects while mission in and serving harder and wider than I judge myself too harshly. I've lost readers because of my silence.

But the world is so loud that I figure it isn't missing my little bit.

Then today God reminds me of something.
(Last two paragraphs: "A Healing Walk with St. Ignatius" by Lyn Holley Doucet)
I fight this daily...weekly...monthly. So many voices out there. They silence me. Then God tells me that He was not content with "creating one pink flower; he created thousands."

I'm one of the thousands of voices out there. And I'm very small.

But I like small.

Yet I am called.

And I must respond.

It's a struggle I have with myself and it's not about me. The silence is about me and I need to break through the silence because it should never be about me. That's a sign that pride is trying to stifle the voice of God.

But the voice doesn't have to be here on this blog and it doesn't have to be every season.

I need only create one pink flower when called by God to do so and then allow God to plant it where he pleases.

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