Tuesday, July 14, 2015

More About the Upcoming Seasonal Planner

What if...? 

Life is full of relevant What If... questions, isn't it?

What if you could start with a fresh planner every season? What if you could combine your planner and bullet journal into one, complete with prompts for both? What if it wasn't on your phone but small enough to slip inside your purse? What if every season promised a fresh start? 

Would you be interested?

Why the Name?
Every year I escape to a retreat house that is situated under old Acadian oak trees and nestled on a long sloping ridge in the heart of Louisiana’s heritage and culture and life of faith. The bishop in that area at the time of dedication said it was his desire that, “the laity will make the retreat house a beehive of spiritual activity.”

And isn’t that what our life should be, especially when it is one we walk in faith? It should not be this crazy, senseless, mindless loss of time but, rather, a creative, intentional splurge of nectar and splash of honey on everything we do with our lives.

If our lives are a “beehive of spiritual activity" we are doing good works indeed, and our lives will be blessed.


Why a Seasonal Beehive Planner?
I’m not a structured planner. Boxes cripple me. I never imagined I had a perfectionist bee in my bonnet but, perhaps, I have one...or two. :-)   Honeycombs, however, are hexagon in shape and the creature is allowed to fly away and search for new fields and greener pastures and sweeter nectar.

The seasonal aspect frames life well, I think, and it is my hope that it will frame your life simply and with purpose. Here in the beehive we focus more on the purpose, process, and produce than on the mindless work ahead of us.

What are we doing? Why are we doing it? What have we accomplished? What has blessed us? What has inspired us? Where is the richest nectar? How can I pollinate (share) this with others?

This is a better way to keep track of our life than a checklist of dull days being clicked away.  I mentioned here that "Pre-planning that got scratched and canceled as soon as it was inked onto my calendar drove me crazy and left me feeling defeated. Writing schedules, five children with various activities, and a part-time job made me realize the need for order and accountability…of some sort."
I had to stop and question myself. Was I meant to go through life feeling defeated and inferior? Burdened and always busy?
That was when I realized that...Yes, I needed to keep track of my life's happenings and...Yes, the calendar was my tool, one to be inked on and erased on and scratched on and lived on! It was not the end result but rather the means to the end. Look at an athlete's shoes and gym bag and head band. Those are his tools and they're dirty and worn and frayed by the end. But they serve a valuable purpose. A calendar, a planner is the same way. By the year's end it is filthy and worn and frayed. But it has served a balanced valuable purpose and it is rich in hidden meanings and wise messages that we forget along the way.
I'm a seasonal person. I like fresh pages and fresh starts. Time flies fast. It stops for no one.  I embrace the seasons of the year with high hopes and huge plans. And I bask in setting the stage within my home for them. As a Catholic, even our Church year is set and written and heralded in a kaleidoscope of seasons that speaks loud and clear through the smells and bells and images which surround us as temples of the Holy Spirit.
Seasons are made to be lived out and remembered. Only if, as one Holocaust descendant shared, we do not remember for the sake of remembrance but, rather, we remember in order to create a better existence.

The Seasonal Beehive allows you to begin each season of the year with a fresh, unblemished page. The planner has a calendar-at-a-glance and bullet journal with prompts to start living your plans. The Seasonal Beehive isn’t a phone device but it is small enough to slip inside your purse. There are menu guides, holiday charts, prayerful pondering pages, a daybook chart, an enticement for physical activity, a seasonal booklist for children and book review for mom, an inspirational page to doodle major events on, and some seasonal essays and motivational taste-testing.
Every season begins anew.
This planner is all about giving you the freedom, yet the structure, you need to explore the year with flight and fancy...and a honeycomb of order.

There are plans to create a yearly boxed package of these little missives that will serve as a journaling keepsake and allow you to preserve your thoughts and ideas and words in an attractive way for years of reference or future generations to remember you by.
Which brings us back to life's relevant question...
What if you could pencil your life's story and preserve it?


FIRST PART: Seasonal Beehive


 Do not remember for the sake of remembrance but, rather, remember in order to create a better existence.




Coming in September...in Time for the Winter Season

An Introduction…

I’ve always loved the idea of planning but was never a good planner. Formal planners baffled me and expensive, elaborate planners sat in my closet unused. Pre-planning that got scratched and canceled as soon as it was inked onto my calendar drove me crazy and left me feeling defeated. Writing schedules, five children with various activities, and a part-time job made me realize the need for order and accountability…of some sort.
A month-at-a-glance and a good mini-notebook for all my scribblings was all I needed to feel a renewed sense of control. That’s when I was introduced to the new-fangled bullet journals that were, in theory, a mini-notebook one carried to hold all their scribblings and to catch their random brain dumps. Inspired by grand ideals, creative projects, and beautiful photographs on social media, I was motivated to create my own version of something inspiring, creative, beautiful, and simple. So very simple. Something of worth. Something that breathed and was as fluent and flex as my inner self is. Something that was not boxed within margins but flowed with instinct and impulsive vigor. Something that was as vintagely simple as writing on paper. Something that renewed itself with the waxing and waning of each new season.

Seasonal and Simple: those are the key words to this planner.
While the rest of the world retreats to their digital smart phone calendars and scheduling apps, the whole list-making, calendar, pencil to paper theory speaks to me…and inspired The Seasonal Beehive Planner which I hope to make available in time for the winter solstice and all the festivities that create the months of December, January, and February.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Drinking the Summer Nectar and Schedule

Are you ready?

For July, I mean? And summer?

I don't know about you but my summer has just begun. June was hectic and the girls and I were still on a set schedule of work and dance. July offers a little reprieve. I plan to suck the nectar straight out of this hot, sticky, summer month.

I'm back home from a week at the beach followed by a weekend holiday by the lake. This month we have no schedule and I hope to keep it that way.

And I'm fixing to head to bed but first I thought I'd scramble my "back to reality" plans here in my little note-place on the web. I usually jot them in a bullet journal kept in my purse.

Coming back to reality makes me want to tidy up the pieces and organize my life a little.

Even if for a day. And tomorrow isn't even Monday. :-)

The things high on my list are...

Family Tasks:
  • Order new contact lens for the girls
  • Schedule apt for Annie's braces
  • Take traditional ice cream walk over crosswalk
Church Work:
  • Complete Safe Environment for Diocese (would have done it tonight but forgot my PW)
  • Order new books for catechism program
  • Work on youth ministry flyer
  • Record sacramental info in church records
  • Finish high school lesson plans
  • Work on Pre-K and K lesson plans
  • Meet with engaged couple
  • Most of it's a self-imposed secret ;-), but I need to wrap up the first part of it if it's to be ready in time for winter reveal
  • Need to get something up on Louisiana Passport---I'm a terrible travel agent. ;-)
Tasks Done:
  • Finished description of my Composition Class for 2015-16 co-op year
  • Laundry
  • Unpacked
  • Paid bills (Yay!)

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