Monday, July 6, 2015

Drinking the Summer Nectar and Schedule

Are you ready?

For July, I mean? And summer?

I don't know about you but my summer has just begun. June was hectic and the girls and I were still on a set schedule of work and dance. July offers a little reprieve. I plan to suck the nectar straight out of this hot, sticky, summer month.

I'm back home from a week at the beach followed by a weekend holiday by the lake. This month we have no schedule and I hope to keep it that way.

And I'm fixing to head to bed but first I thought I'd scramble my "back to reality" plans here in my little note-place on the web. I usually jot them in a bullet journal kept in my purse.

Coming back to reality makes me want to tidy up the pieces and organize my life a little.

Even if for a day. And tomorrow isn't even Monday. :-)

The things high on my list are...

Family Tasks:
  • Order new contact lens for the girls
  • Schedule apt for Annie's braces
  • Take traditional ice cream walk over crosswalk
Church Work:
  • Complete Safe Environment for Diocese (would have done it tonight but forgot my PW)
  • Order new books for catechism program
  • Work on youth ministry flyer
  • Record sacramental info in church records
  • Finish high school lesson plans
  • Work on Pre-K and K lesson plans
  • Meet with engaged couple
  • Most of it's a self-imposed secret ;-), but I need to wrap up the first part of it if it's to be ready in time for winter reveal
  • Need to get something up on Louisiana Passport---I'm a terrible travel agent. ;-)
Tasks Done:
  • Finished description of my Composition Class for 2015-16 co-op year
  • Laundry
  • Unpacked
  • Paid bills (Yay!)

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