Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Three Months to Observe Your Life

The Seasonal Beehive is not a planner...it's more.

It's a planner...an organizer...a journal...a plotter...a menu chart...a meditative prayer...an accountability coach...a tutorial...a drawing board...a reflection...a blend of mindful intention.

And it's provided to you on good old-fashion, well-intentioned paper.

Because part of its intent is to take you away from your online presence, away from your social media cues, away from the demanding world of the Internet, and back to the real world of sensory reality.

Most of us lead lives of busy activity, so it benefits us to be collective and observant about what we are doing with our days...how they are spent...how they are used...how they are broken...and how they are attached to other activities.

Our lives are truly hexagons of activity filled with numerous activities and demands and choices. That's a given so it's proactive to meet our lives right where they are. As such, the Seasonal Beehive is a hexagon assortment of pages and charts and lists and prompts that can fit inside your purse or your larger-than-life planner. You jot in it throughout the day with intent and meaning. And you don't get distracted by links or the words of too many opinions and choices. Rather, you ponder on your own words with a little mentoring from quotes, Scripture, and only a handful of guided essays.

Each season focuses on a mindful theme for you (Winter Issue is on Gratitude) and a fun theme for families to share (Winter Issue is Snow). And each season offers fresh pages to guide you and help center those hexagons in your life so that by year's end you have an idea of which hexagons bare the richest honey, which ones need to be cleaned out, and which ones need to be restructured or permanently closed.

Each Beehive is sectioned into seasons and offers 3 months of observation.

Only three:
  • Winter: December, January-February
  • Spring: March-April-May
  • Summer: June-July-August
  • Autumn: September-October-November
Every season begins anew. A new start. A new setting. A new day. A new page. New fruit.
  • Themed Essay each Season
  • Intentional Calendar Chart
  • Month-at-a-Glance
  • Heart Bullet Points
  • Simple Daybooks for each month
  • I Took a Walk Today Meditative Guide
  • Seasonal Checklists
  • Hidden tokens that guide us towards gratitude
  • Seasonal doses of prayerful pondering
  • Reflective Poetry
  • Commonplace Page for Information
  • Home Cabinet for notes on oils and medicines
  • Garden Bench
  • The 15-Minute Classroom
  • Gratitude Charts
  • Prayer Guide and Charts
  • Meal Planning
  • Capture your Thoughts
  • To-Do Lists
  • Book Pause with Commentary
  • Nature Sketch Page
  • 10-Day Challenge
  • Seasonal Mosaic Themed Booklist for Children (with recipe)
  • Planning, Organizing, Journaling Pages
  • More Journaling Pages
Go here to read more about the upcoming Seasonal Beehive Planner

Ordering information will be available soon.
[Artwork created by Anna Cantrell]
Seasonal and Simple: these are the key words to this planner.

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