Sunday, October 18, 2015

Some Schemes and Dreams

It took me two nights to sort and wrap and stuff and seal and pray over each little journal that was sent out to its home this past week. I'm so grateful to all of you for taking me seriously. Why on earth did I do this? I wasn't even a passionate planner when they first took hold of our daily lives. I thought them dry and rigid and useless. Just boxes to fill. No fun, no flavor, no meaning. Just busy work. It drove me crazy to ink in boxes with plans that got canceled and moved before the week even started. Three gift planners sat at the top of my closet unused before I committed myself to using one...more out of guilt than because I felt the need to use one.
But I don't believe one should live under the code of guilt. I found that using a planner had to be an intentional desire before it became a commitment and then a habit which turned into a lifestyle choice. Guilt only gets you so far, and it usually isn't uphill.
Perhaps that's why. I had something in my vision and it wasn't a dry and rigid planner.
The Seasonal Beehive Planner is only part planner (perhaps not even the best one you'll ever use...I'm still planning to use my main Day Designer and simply tuck the Beehive into the front pocket or my purse. 
You won't find anything to "box" into a certain day. The whole season (3 months worth) is meant to be planted ~ flourish ~ harvested ~ lie dormant within its pages. The best of the Beehive is  that it is a journal, a magazine, a game plan, and a raw filter for the rest of your life so that when your planner boxes get too cramped and full, I pray you reach out for your Beehive and breath a moment, reflect a minute about what truly matters about the season you are living in.
And be grateful for the honey in your life and not let the buzz-iness disturb your hive.
The purpose of Cajun Cottage Press is to focus on home, seasons, and simple living. Our planner begins every season anew. This planner is all about giving you the freedom, yet the structure, you need to plan your seasons with flight and a bee-zy world. It is not meant to be busy, like your main planner. The purpose of this one is to quiet you. Fill in your boxes in your main planner...but come and take a rest in each season with The Seasonal Beehive.
The very creating of the Beehive quieted me.
My hopes and prayers are that the same calm will be reflected onto you.

While the rest of the world retreats to their digital smart phone calendars and scheduling apps The Seasonal Beehive Planner takes you back intentionally to pencil on paper.

I seriously wonder why my family puts up with these hare-brained schemes and dreams of mine. But they have been crazy supportive of these seasonal planners, as have all of you.
I'm truly grateful.
Which brings me to a little beehive-keeping right now.
{Beehive stickers purchased from QueenBeeInspirations }
 I need you to know that because this is a seasonal product I have to collect orders before printing. It is not something I can store in my personal  beehive that creates more clutter and which I loose money on ordering but not selling. Everything I do with these planners has to be intentional and well-thought. I must be a good steward of your money as well as my own. As this was the first run of these planners I had no idea if anyone was interested much less willing to take a chance of a new product, one of which there are countless designs and possibilities out there. Again, thank you to all who took a chance and ordered. I'm grateful for your faith in my other books, enough to invest in this venture.
So orders placed in September were printed in early October and mailed in mid-October. If you are still waiting for your planner, that is why. Those orders exceeded my plans and the applause gave me permission to go through with filling a need and a want that others, like myself, might have. In looking online I could find nothing like what I envisioned...what I wanted and needed as a Christian wife and mother...except a lone seasonal planner that didn't seem (for any number of reasons probably) to have gotten past its first issue. It fell void years ago. That worried me. Either the creator's heart was not fully immersed in the creation or there simply was not a need for it. 
The Spring edition will reveal to me if there is truly a desire for this product or if the Winter edition was not what you expected it to be. That will be a tell-tale sign of whether this is truly a ministry to be lovingly tended or just a wild idea to let go of. 
And speaking of ministry...
The Seasonal BeehivePlanner is my very “little way” to contribute towards the support of families and home life while supporting mine. It’s an outreach of sorts. We work together for a greater, holier good.
Remember that the work within this book happens within a community: my creativity reaches out towards your need for intentional living and helps meet the needs of your family.
This building of families...good, whole, realistic, Christian important stuff and for a time when people are always looking at healthy alternatives, building a good, solid family is the healthiest thing one can do for their children.

You are all in my seasonal prayers. May you and your family have a season of blessings and joyful living.


* * * * *
That being said...for those of you who will be receiving their new planners very soon, I really want to know your thoughts, your ideas, your excitement and...yes...even your disappointments with the Seasonal Beehive. I need to know in order to create a better beehive with each season and make sure it is leading you into a calmer lifestyle and not unnecessary buzz-iness.  

There is a conversational Seasonal Beehive Group for discussion found here on FB:
The Seasonal Beehive Group
I really want to know what you think of the Seasonal Planner.
Don't hesitate to email me @
caygibson AT gmail DOT com
Here are a couple of pointers concerning the planners and getting them into your hands:
  •  The first issue---which will be available in time for winter hibernation and all the festivities that create the months of December, January, and February---was printed in October 2015.
  • Another printing of Winter 2015 will be done this week. Anyone ordering the Winter 2015 Issue during what remains of October/November 2015, will have their planners shipped to them by mid-November. 
  • Plans for this little planner are blooming and the Spring 2016 Issue is promising to be even better.
  • The Spring 2016 planner (celebrating March, April, May) will be ready to mail by late January. Watch my Etsy shop to see when it comes out.
Thank you for your patience and your support. 
 Have a blessed season and happy planning!

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