Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Are You Ready for Summer?


Welcome to the Summer Season where Mercy is the theme and Picking Berries is part of our summer fun, where we create an Ice Cream Sundae bar and check off a Picnic List and appreciate Hidden Corners and make nature sketching a part of our week and record Daybooks and reflect on the Mission of the Twelve.


Invitation for Making Summertime Memories with your Family and Planning Picnics and Parties *Scripture meditation on the virtue of Mercy
*a monthly calendar for the Summer months of June-July-August
*daily spaces to record your
      a) water intake
      b) vitamins-probiotics-oils
      c) exercise
      d) meals
      e) Scripture pause
      f) mother moments
      g) prayers
      h) gratitude notes
      i) birthdays/anniversaries
*meaningful heart pulses
*reminders of national holidays and special celebrations through the months
*monthly accomplishment chart
*meal planning blackboard
*a Berry Recipe for June
*a Homemade Ice Cream Recipe for July
*Quinoa Recipe for August...
*Nature Walking incentive sheet
*Prayer design sheet
*journaling pages
*poetry pause (Summer: "Where I'm From..." conversion)
*Reading Log
* an Ice Cream Sundae bar list
* a Picnic Item Basket list
*Book Pause (Summer: "Orchard House" by Tara Austen Weaver)
*Summer/Bee/Walking/Mercy Quotes
*10 Day Challenge
*Summer Yard List
*Home Cabinet for Wellness
*Berry Picking Reflection
*Berry Picking Booklist
*Devotional: "The Mission of the Twelve"
*Hidden Curiosity Corners

Get ready to plan your summer months (June-July-August) HERE.

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