Simply put...I was named after an island and, yes, there is a book with my name on it: The Cay by Theodore Taylor.

I have been married to my high school sweetheart Mark Gibson for 26 years and together we are the proud parents of five children (six if you count our lovely new daughter-in-law) ages 10-24. We all live, learn, and love in Southwest Louisiana.

I have authored a couple of books:
I have also had several articles published in parenting, educational, and spiritual magazines. I write a column for Catholic Mom and Amazing Catechists.

For two years (Summer 2009-Fall 2011) I wrote a travel/culture column for the Lake Charles American Press. I am planning to reload past columns on my main blog soon. Watch for it at Louisiana Passport.

I homeschool my children and play work as Director of Religious Education at my church parish. Honestly, getting paid to study the faith and make lesson plans to be carried out around the liturgical year is probably a bit sinful...the getting paid to do it, not the playing around. ;-)

I enjoy learning all the things I didn't learn in public school. My hobbies include reading, traveling, camping with her family, caring for my eight "adopted" children (backyard chickens actually), and collecting children illustrated books.

If I get lazy at my blog it's because life has gotten too squirrely OR I'm playing around too much on Facebook. I love to visit with friends there too. :-)

I don't Tweet much but I do have an open Twitter account. I believe they say all writers should have one. Not sure why when it's hardly used but...it's there. ;-)

I also have a love affair with pantries and cookbooks. Something to do with turning middle-age and finding the table has more people around it than less...which is a good thing, I'm sure. I'm going to be reviewing cookbooks and food books soon...simply for the fun of it. :-)
Life is good!

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