Monday, June 29, 2009


There is a reason little girls (and big girls) and mothers stoically suffer through a year of dance classes, studio waiting rooms, ripped tights, costly dance shoes, and ill-humored drama.

There is a reason why daddies willingly support dance lessons and sacrifically give up their own personal birthday plans for a day of theatre and stage.

It's not so much about the lights and age-old glitter on the red carpet. It isn't so much about the make-up and colorful threads and action. Those things are all one-sided.

There's too many "other things" that over-shadow all that stuff.

Oh, what a world, what a world!

Agh! Mascara! The drama of it all!

Agh! more mascara!

Crowded quarters are the benefits of having a personal dressing room. It helps keep stuff organized...naturally.

"Mom told me it was here...somewheres."

A couple of friends to share the personal dressing with us. It wasn't so lonely that way.

Time to read... a game of eye-spy...

...and wander the hallways to visit friends.

A caffeine-rush before curtain call.

Reapplying lipstick.

Waiting in the wings...and waiting between dances.

And it's over all too soon.
Texting Daddy in the hallway.

In the end it isn't about any of these things.
It isn't one-sided at all.
It's multi-sided. Multi-faceted. A kaleidoscope.
It isn't a surface picture. It goes much deeper than that, like a depth-finder.
It's about teaching perserverance, technique, and grace to young ladies.
It's about teaching self-confidence and poise in a world that will try to deflate it.
It's about opening hearts, and spirits, and personalities in a world that will try to break the heart, spirit and soul.

It's about bringing beauty to our existence.
It's about flowers and smiles.
It's about joyful celebrations.

It's about opening a new world to our children.
It's about dancing for our Daddy on his birthday.

It's about shining in the moment and knowing what a special, beautiful person you really are!
That's why we do it!


  1. Boy, do those pictures bring back memories! And happy birthday to the honey-daddy!


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