Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dragging-My-Feet School Plans

I admit it!

I am having a terrible time getting the umph to homeschool this year. It's probably the first time in the past twelve or so years (I've lost count) that I've felt this way. It's also the first year that none of my children are looking wistfully at the local schools. Took us twelve years but they are totally into this homeschooling lifestyle and we have fallen into an equation of togetherness in this decision to homeschool.

Much of this is in part to the awesome group of homeschooling friends in our area. Those friends have always been there but now I realize they were always there...for me. Our children observed one another from a distance while the mothers tried to figure this lifestyle out. Now our children are growing up and realizing the benefits of this community. It is no longer just the crazy mothers with crazy ideas. The children have become as crazy as us. They have bonded and are there for one another.

The evolution of homeschooling continues to change and expand and flourish.

The local co-op which I dreaded last summer and is in limbo this summer has become a huge part of our homeschooling rhythm. In my human wariness, God brought us exactly what my family needed to be and has blessed us abundantly...because of or in spite of my resistance.

As of now, co-op plans are my only plans and I am thankful for the existence and persistance of this group which allows my children and I to learn more fully while using the rest of the week to un-school ourselves in all things we take a personal interest in.

Annie ~ 2nd grade

  • P.E.
  • Literature
  • Louisiana History
  • U.S. Georgraphy Bee (CHC)
  • Beginning Spanish
  • Lunch
  • Little Flowers & Art (alternates)
  • Manners/Hospitality (Oma laughed at this one)

Chelsea ~ 6th grade

  • First Form Latin
  • Art
  • Literature
  • I.E.W. Writing
  • Lunch
  • Science
  • Louisiana History
  • Study Hall

Garrett ~ 10th grade

  • Study Hall
  • Literature II (Shakespeare & Canterbury Tales)
  • Biology
  • Algebra
  • Lunch
  • I.E.W. Writing
  • Louisiana History
  • Finance
Garrett will also be attending another co-op on Thursdays and will take:
Religion: The Bible
Civics: American Government

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