Monday, August 17, 2009

First Day of School

Getting back into a routine, holding myself accountable, and giving my husband a place to go when he feels the need to ask: "What did you do all day?"

Kayleigh & Corey: Back at college & work

Garrett (10th grade):
  • in Baton Rouge helping other homeschooling family w/ repairs and work projects on their condo
  • part-time job when he gets home
Chelsea (6th grade):
  • Religion: Magnificat & Baltimore Catechism
  • Virtue: Charity towards others
  • Math: Teaching Textbooks and 100 Decimal Chart (pg. 44)
  • Science: Space (pg. 2-3)
  • Writing: Proofreading Study Skills (pg. 1)
  • Spelling (Seton 6): Lesson 1
  • Reading
  • History: Discussed WWII study (her choice)

Annie (2nd grade):

  • Religion: Baltimore Catechism
  • Virtue: Charity towards others
  • Math: Wkbk pg. 34-35 (Graphs)/40-41 (Charts)
  • Reading: Ramona the Pest & Little House (Mom)/ Emily's Moo (oral reading)
  • Reading Rainbow
  • Explode the Code: pg. 18-19
  • P.E.: Tumbling & jumping jacks

Still sorting, shifting, and ordering some books but good to get our feet wet.

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