Sunday, November 29, 2009

Advent Vigilance

Advent Vigilance
by Venerable John Henry Newman

"If, indeed, we listen to the world, we shall take another course... We shall have a secret shrinking from the Church's teaching. We shall have an uneasy, uncomfortable feeling when mention is made of the maxims of holy men and ascetical writers, not liking them, yet not daring to dissent. We shall be scanty in supernatural acts, and have little or nothing of the habits of virtue which are formed by them, and are an armor of proof against temptation. We shall suffer our souls to be overrun with venial sins, which tend to mortal sin, if they have not already reached it...

"I say, that we must not only have faith in the Lord, but must wait on him; not only must hope, but must watch for him; not only love him, but must long for him; not only obey him, but must look out, look up earnestly for our reward, which is himself. ...we must make it our duty not the believe in the world, not to hope in the world, not to love the world. We must resolve not to hang on the world's opinion, or study its wishes. It is our mere wisdom to be thus detached from all things below."

(Taken from November 2009 Magnificat (R))

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"God empowers and sends us out from the Mass on a mission to be like Christ for the world: to love others as He has loved us."  ~  Do I Have to Go? by Matthew Pinto and Christopher Stefanick
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