Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Guests & Gifts at Christmas

We had a couple of guests appear at our side door today bearing gifts. Evidently my oldest daughter has learned the art of hospitality a little too well. On this cold, wet morning she's feeling a little guilty for not inviting these two little old ladies into our warm home.

I told her not to feel too badly. She might have been the warmest face they saw all morning. At least she opened the door to them. At least she politely listened to them. At least she exchanged pleasantries with them.

I really do hope that, as they left, they told each other, "What a nice young lady." I hope they saw Christ in her smile. And I hope they took to heart her warm wishes that they have a very Merry Christmas.

Our guests?  A couple of elderly Jehovah Witness ladies.
Their gifts? Two pamphlets: "Would You Like to Know the Truth?" and "Six Myths About Christianity."

They must have seen our Christmas tree through the window.


  1. Beautiful post Cay--and the meditation file is so nice. Great job!

    Blessed Advent!

  2. If only we Catholics would go door to door spreading our Faith...what a difference we might make. Thanks for stopping by my blog, what a nice place yours is to visit :)


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