Sunday, January 10, 2010

Let's Help Regina

Friend and fellow author, Regina Doman writes:

My dear devoted friends,
Last night we took my 6-year-old son, Thomas, to the emergency room because of symptoms he was displaying that indicated he may have developed diabetes. The hospital doctors confirmed that he had.

In addition to your prayers, could you please consider buying my Fairy Tale Novels.

THANK YOU! Thank you for your prayers for our family and especially for Thomas.
Peace and good, and blessings on your New Year.

In a joint effort to help spread the word, my publisher at Hillside Education has added Regina to the Hillside page "helping those in need" which you can peruse and see if there is anything you'd like to have (or need) in your home(school). All the items for sale on this page are donated and all income goes directly to the family who is in special need of help.

Thank you for your concern, generosity, and (most of all) prayers.

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