Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Babysitting 101

Bananas...chicken noodle soup...mini meatballs in bbq sauce...watching "Finding Nemo."
We babysat Kayleigh's goddaughter today. Called it Childcare 101. Done in a real home. Outside of a classroom. Such is the lifestyle which homeschooling affords us.

How do you entertain a child in your care?
Valentine heart stickers...on the floor and plastered on their faces.

And, for any educators who wonder and worry that learning is not taking place in home-centered babysittiing, we played this cute game found last week at Books-A-Million for only $7.00: How Tall Am I?
Teaches measurement while creating funny characters.

And magnets always supply lots of teachable moments.
Let me say it again...Magnets!
And I'm quite sure we got more sunshine and fresh air than they do in school. We played outside in the cajun cottage and with the family pet.
Music? No problem. Banging around on the piano was another nice way to pass the time.
There's a lot more we could have done but she left too soon. So the girls and I (and Garrett) are looking forward to next time.

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