Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mardi Gras Dining

Mardi Gras fare:
  • a nice hot meatloaf full of MEAT
  • Buttered corn
  • Snap beans and spicy potatoes
  • Creamed potatoes
And leftover confetti cake.
After numerous King Cakes served at every dinner, party, and get-together we've been to since Epiphany; we're pretty tired of King Cake around here.
Now it's time to pick-up Dad from work and hit the Krewe of Krewe Parade.
Happy Mardi Gras!


  1. We eat too many pancakes around here on Lenten Fridays for it to be "festive" enough for Mardi Gras. lol

    We're cutting back on meat this Lent...thus the meat-filled meatloaf. :-)


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