Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine Pause Daybook

FOR TODAY... from Cay's Daybook

Outside my window... a day quickly fading into night.
I am hearing...the dryer spinning and Entertainment Tonight.
I am thinking...of Lent.
I am thankful for...daddies and daughters and Valentine dates.
I am wearing...blue jeans, red t-shirt, no earrings.
I am remembering...how utterly pretty I thought the face of Sinead O'Connor was when I was in high school...how utterly wasted I thought her looks were when she shaved her head for no proposeful reason...how utterly disappointed I was with her when she tore apart the picture of Pope John Paul II.
This is my note to myself...actually I'm making lots of grateful notes in my Blessings Journal. Personal notes for my heart only. :-)
I am reading... what I am currently reading is not Lenten material...I am still debating on what to read for the upcoming 40 days.
I am creating...just spent the afternoon downloading pictures of various homeschool activities on the yearbook website.
I am hoping...for a truly spiritually quiet Lenten season.
On my mind...the lessons God will teach me this Lent.
From the learning rooms...I have very recently come to the knowledge that my older children don't have the a clue who Mick Jaggar and David Bowie are. Dear me! what kind of music education have I given my children!?
From the Lenten calendar...so far all I have to get me through is my Magnificat
My list this week...Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, Dance, Kayleigh's post-surgery doctor appointment, busy weekend
Pondering these words..."Everything is Grace" ~ St. Therese of Lisieux
From the kitchen...my husband and girls are on a Daddy/Daughter Valentine Date at Olive Garden. I'm home eating brownies for supper. :-)
Around the house...I swept the floors, washed laundry, and paid bills today. Super exciting existence here.
One of my favorite things...Daddy and Daughter Valentine Dates
I am praying...my children and their future spouses on this Valentine pause.
From my picture journal...Mark on a "Valentine date" with two of his daughters (oldest had to work and couldn't join them).

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  1. The Daddy date is the sweetest thing ever. Wow. My children did get to Skype with their Daddy who unfortunately forgot it was Valentine's Day. All was well as he had already sent their gifts early.


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