Saturday, March 27, 2010

Following the Jelly Bean Trail

Remember that jelly bean trail I mentioned in this post?

When my older three children were littles, I would plant a trail of jelly beans coming out their bedrooms into the hallway. They would wake up Easter morning and follow eat the jelly beans as the path tempted them down the hallway into the dining room table where their festive Easter baskets and chocolate bunnies resurrectedly awaited them. What bliss.

These darling jelly bean ideas shared at Catholic Icing has me longing to spend a whole week hopping down that jelly bean trail once again.

But I am washing laundry, packing a camper, and taking care of the business that calls me in the here and now; not yesterday's business but today's.

The one thing I must remember is that the prayer, the sacrifice, the glory and the blessing which these little beans symbolize are what matters. It is the virtures they plant within my heart that matters. All the jelly bean trails I leave for my children will not teach them anything if I am not planting, sowing, fertilizing, and tending those seeds through the rest of the year.

All the little crafts I'm unable to do in limited camper and cooking space don't matter...much.

The prayers...the little reminders...the little trails I take with my children...and what all these things have to teach me and my children...they matter. They matter...much!


Red is for the blood Christ gave
Green is for the palm's cool shade
Yellow is for God's light so bright
Orange is for prayers at twilight
Black is for sweet rest at night
White is for the Grace of Christ
Purple is for His days of sorrow
Pink is for each new tomorrow

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