Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Make Sure Your Conference Tables Are "Picture Perfect"

Conference season is around the corner and I have begun receiving requests for bulk orders of my book A Picture Perfect Childhood.
In anticipation of the educational conferences this spring and summer, I decided to make it easy on everyone to get copies of A Picture Perfect Childhood.

You can read more information and reviews on my book here: A Picture Perfect Childhood

I will be placing a bulk order of books to send out to interested parties at a discounted price. You may order them in units of 10.
The drop-menu button is found in the sidebar to your top right. Tax is automatically figured into the amount and no one needs worry about the outrageous cost of postage. If you order by April 5, 2010, a flat $10.00 S/H fee is figured into the amount, whether you order 10 or 50 copies. This is the cheapest, easiest way for all of us.

Anyone interested may order them from me and pay via paypal or drop a check in the mail.
You can email me if you need future information, mailing address, or have any problems with the paypal button found at the top right sidebar.

So if you are hosting a curriculum fair, own a bookstore, or are manning a table at a conference and would like to offer participants a copy of PPC, now is the best time to order.

Thank you to everyone who has bought a copy of A Picture Perfect Childhood and written so kindly about it. If you think it was worth the money, please share it with others. And, remember, a percentage of sales goes to St. Jude's Children's Hospital in the form of books at the end of each year.


Speaking of conferences, I will be attending the ARCH Curriculum Fair in Houston, TX along with...Ahem!... fellow writer Danielle Bean. Don't you seriously want to MEET DANIELLE!?!? I certainly do. And I hope she brings copies of her new book: Small Steps for Catholic Mothers
I want mine autographed. I'm greedy that way. :-)

I can promise you that Houston's ARCH Curriculum Fair is an outstanding conference. It will have everything you need for your new school year: inspirational talks, friends, lots of good books, Danielle Bean, Linda Nelson, and little ol' me sharing all the great offerings from my publisher Hillside Education. Please stop by my table for a quick chat or perhaps we can visit as we wait in line to meet and chat with Danielle. :-)

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