Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sick Day Texting...

...which I only sent to my husband because no one else needs to know the nitty-gritty mess...needs to see or hear me when I'm sick...or really cares. ;-)

It began Tuesday morning with this text message:  Do you have cough drops left? Annie woke up with a really bad sore throat. Gave her Tylenol and cough drop. She's feeling better now. Says stomach is fine. (Sent 11:45 AM Tuesday)

By Wednesday: Will work something out. I'll take girls if I have to. Annie's head, throat, and stomach r hurting her this morning. But get the overtime while u can. I'll let you know how annie is doing later in the day.

(Thursday---Annie much better; my turn.)

* Throat hurts like crazy. Feels like bile is in my throat. How long did yours last? (Sent at 8:29 AM on Thursday)

* Now my ears itch. Ugh! Throat burns like there's acid in it. (Sent at 9:15 AM on Thursday)

Went to doctor (orthopedic) with Kayleigh then Starbucks. Then brought girls to Keeper's Club then to library. Folded clothes then laid on couch. That's all I'm good for today. I'm so tired."
(Sent at 4:31 PM on Thursday)

* I'll live. Just woke up. Fell asleep on couch and went from feeling extremely tired to feeling like crab. :-(
(Sent at 6:01 PM on Thursday. Yes, I did mean to type crap. Evidently my FB censor was still on. lol)

*I look at this messy house and just say "screw it!"  (Sent at 6:21 PM on Thursday. Yeah, just go ahead and give me the badge for Mother-of-the-Year or Keepers @ Home Award now...Geesh!)

* Later: I definitely need a good night's sleep or...a maid.

I got neither.


* Exercise? None. I'm still in bed. (Sent at 10:16 AM on Friday as I wondered why my husband would ask me what kind of exercise I had done that day. Turns out the exercise question was meant for our oldest daughter.

It caused a thought process which led me to Tweet and Profile this thought on FB Saturday: "Funny how we think living a healthier lifestyle will make us feel better then we become sick and realize how well-off we were two days ago."

Later in the day...details you'd rather not read. Trust me! They were meant only for the man who was with me through five morning sicknesses and five natural births...and stayed with me.

Was in bed the rest of the day. Totally lifeless. Totally neglected home and hearth. My oldest son got home after 11 AM and ended up taking care of everyone and everything. He generously left all the bedding, dishes, and laundry for me once I could raise my head off the pillow. But, God bless him! he got us all fed and watered. That's what counts. Consider him a husband/father-in-training.

Husband continues to work crazy overtime hours, which I'm grateful for. Let's be practical. Someone has to earn money to pay for care. Let's not discuss that right now. I believe FOX has it covered.

My oldest daughter, who will begin her nursing clinicals this fall, will take my Saturday night shift staying the night with Grandma who broke her my mom, aunt, and uncle a much needed break (excuse the pun) in their "new normal" routine.

Personally, I hate "new normals." Personally, I think everyone else does too.

Personally, I'd much rather have a sleepless night with a dementia patient than being the patient me-self.

Ask me how I know the difference. Go ahead! Ask me!

On a closing's amazing how educated I've become on the new health care bill as I've been mucked in the bedsheets with the television droning above me. Ironic timing, isn't it?

Did I mention that Chelsea's pet mouse died this morning? Nothing flushes a parent out of a sick bed quicker than a child's dead pet who...evidently...didn't have health care. Rats!

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