Monday, April 26, 2010

End of April Daybook

FOR TODAY... from Cay's Daybook

Outside my window...a day quickly fading into night.

I am hearing...In the Arms of an Angel by Sarah MacLaughlin
I am's been two and a half months since my last daybook entry. Can it really be that long?

I am thankful skies, spring flowers, and April days.

I am jeans, blue/green striped shirt, gold-hooped earrings.

I am remembering...what a special, lovely day Annie had on Sunday.

This is my note to myself...purchase canning jars. It has begun!

I am reading...Flannery O'Connor and Kate Chopin are keeping me quite intrigued and busy. They're quite the pair if you're a southern girl.

I am creating...can we come back to this at a later date?

I am hoping....Thankful Thursday night goes as smoothly as Saintly Sunday.

On my mind...the golden days of spring won't last much longer. Are we enjoying them as much as we possibly can?

From the learning books strewn around the living room. Worked on last Thursday and left since. Does that count?

From the liturgical year calendar...two children receiving sacraments this week.

My list this Monday, Pretty Pens Tuesday, Shakespeare play rehearsal Wednesday, Confirmation Thursday, Crawfish Boil at Acadian Village Friday, Lafayette Saturday

Pondering these words..."God may be glorified in all things." ~ St. Benedict of Nursia

From the kitchen...mayhaw jelly, mayhaw syrup, mayhaw butter, mayhaw jam. Stay tuned for pictures.

Around the house...I've been gone all day and my house is cleaner than its been in weeks. Months even.

An unexpected visit from my husband's aunt who lives in Georgia sent me into a frantic panic this evening. You see, the last time she came to her brother's house (Mark's dad) was 6 years ago upon the death of my mother-in-law. She hasn't seen the place since. It is no longer the home of a PawPaw and Meme. It is the home of a family of seven and all their friends and a couple of pets.

It simply isn't the house that Meme kept as neat as a pen. Sorry.

And my dear husband has been renovating my laundry room. To give you a clear visual: last week the laundry room spilt all its dirty laundry into my sitting room. Mops, brooms, rulers, dusters, buckets, etc. Fold-up chairs. Hampers with gapping holes showing dirty underwear and the magic wardrobe's rejects.

In desperation, I grabbed the only help I could find. My two boys. They were leisurely reclining in the living room when I began barking orders and dictating jobs.

Let me tell you...sons are quite capable, perfectly able, and outstandingly productive when they know mom is underfire. It's best to just get off one's hunches and do the work then have to listen to Mom. Agreed?

The three front rooms got vacuumed, swept, dusted, scented, straightened, and defurred (a cat and a dog live in this house) in no time at all. Coffee was set to brew.

My home was (is) the picture of tranquility and domestic bliss once again.

Thank you, boys! I owe you one. :-)

One of my favorite things...Clean houses. ;-)
Little girls in first communion dresses.
Lawnmower wagon rides over freshly mown spring lawns.

I am praying...for Annie on the occasion of her first communion and Garrett on the occasion of his confirmation.

From my picture journal...Daddy's new toy.


  1. ...and I just love my lil granddaughter riding in that wagon with her pacey in her mouth...she must have been getting sleepy...I bet I could have slept riding in that thing!

  2. Excellent practice for Corey and Garrett for the future! ;) Loved your daybook, Ms. Cay. Always so much fun to peep into your day...almost as much fun as it is to laugh and gab the hours away with you at BAM! I had such fun last night - hope Mr. Mark and Annie weren't too upset with how late we kept you out. :D

    Looking forward to seeing you today at Shakespeare (thank you for being so sweet to take the time out of your busy schedule to come).



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