Monday, May 3, 2010

Silhouette Daybook

FOR TODAY... from Cay's Daybook

Outside my window...lizards are starting to lurk around the bricks and windowpanes and the house cat sits at the open patio door watching the world awake.
I am hearing...The House That Built Me by Miranda Lambert
I am thinking...that 2012 promises a crazy summer...or so the calendar projects.
I am thankful for...children who are no longer sick.
I am pajamas
I am remembering...good times.

This is my note to myself...Annie no longer believes in the Tooth Fairy. Don't know when, don't know how but it's a fact.
I am reading...Pope Benedict XVI's Address on the Media and the Internet
I am creating...rather, thinking, about creating a plan to use My Heart Lies South with some budding homemakers this summer.
I am finish our school work this month. Gotta motivate these children. I believe they're hoping I'll cave before they will.
On my I use the media and the Internet in this home.
From the learning day today and a library day this week...haven't planned beyond that.
From the liturgical year calendar...making plans for the month:
*May is dedicated to the Blessed VirginMary so there will be a May altar and a May crowning planned.
*May13th: Chelsea has been reading on Our Lady of Fatima and that feast day is May 13th. Looking for ideas...It is also the Solemnity of the Ascension of Our Lord.
*May 30th: St. Joan of Arc is the feast day which falls on Kayleigh's b-day. Trinity Sunday trumps.
*May 31st: The Visitation of Mary to her cousin Elizabeth. I heart this feast day.

My list this week...
Tuesday---Athletic Banquet
Wednesday---Wash and Pack
Thursday---Photography Session with Keeper's Club
Friday, Saturday, Sunday---New Orleans
Pondering these words...(Do I) "open the door to new forms of encounter, maintaining the quality of human interaction, and show concern for individuals and their genuine spiritual needs. (Do I) help the men and women of our digital age to sense the Lord's presence" (Message for the 44th World Communications Day, May 10, 2010). (Am I) called to take on the role of "animators of the community" on the Internet too, attentive to "prepare the ways that lead to the Word of God," and to express a particular sensitivity to "the disheartened and those who have a deep, unarticulated desire for enduring truth and the absolute" (ibid.).
~ The Media and the Internet

From the kitchen...last week the girls and their friends picked some mulberries and I made mulberry syrup (which I thought was dewberry at the time). I brought it to my Pretty Pens writing group and poured it over chocolate cake. A little piece of heaven with friends. :-)
This week I am getting inspiration for my spring menu (thank you, Jen) AND joining my real life friends Emma and Wendy Haught in the gasto system which might demand a special meeting of the minds with Linda, Grace, and Dacia as well.
Around the house...Annie is trying to earn money and asked if she could clean the house. I told her to knock herself out.
One of my favorite things...babies and silhouette drawings
I am praying...for all the prayer intentions of my church family.
From my picture journal...Chelsea and her friend Esther doing their Louisiana Parish History report at co-op.

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