Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blessed Christmas Novena

Christmas Novena (St. Andrew Novena)
(Say 15 times a day from St. Andrew's Day (30 November), ending on Christmas Eve)

Hail, and blessed be the hour

and moment at which the Son of God

was born of a most pure Virgin

at a stable at midnight

in Bethlehem

in the piercing cold.

At that hour vouchsafe,

I beseech Thee,

to hear my prayers

and grant my desires.

(Mention your intentions here)

Through Jesus Christ

and His most Blessed Mother.

Such a beautiful prayer.

A perfect beginning to the season of Advent.

It's set in poetry.

It gives us a piece of mosaic to hold in our hands.

About a blessedly holy hour.

A time of ripeness.

A private time when a baby is born.

Into the hush is born joy.

The piercing wind blows wisps of straw across a dank stable floor.

Christ shivers as the afterbirth is wiped from his newborn body.

His presence is met in dark and quiet.

A swaddle of cloth is drawn tenderly around him.

His silken cheek meets the warmth of his mother's breast.

All is calm. All is quiet. All is right.

A cow shifts her position in the hay. Her brown eye blinks.

A lamb sighs.

The stars twinkle.

A rooster crows, odd the hour.

For one brief shining moment, the world is at peace.

God's in His heaven. All is right with the world.

This is what we are waiting for.

Not over-priced presents. Not food. Not trees and ornaments. Not crowded malls. Not last minute hustle and bustle.

We pray for peace. And joy. And silence to know the moment, the babe, the mother, and the Gift of our life because of His life. 


  1. I had printed this prayer this morning and had hung it up! :)

  2. Thank you for the Novena, Cay. What you wrote afterward is poetry, and when I got to the words, "This is what we are waiting for," it made me cry. Very beautiful. Thank you.


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