Friday, March 25, 2011

The Cost of Me, Myself and I

18 yr old son arrives home this morning: "These gas prices are killing me! It just took $25 to tank up my car. Used to take only $20."

Me, Myself, the Mom: "Would you rather have the truck that takes about $75 to tank up?"

18 yr old son: "Oh my, GAH! Y'all are such babies! This is about me and what it's costing me to tank up MY CAR!"

Yeah, right!


  1. Your blog is really good! I'm in Broussard.

  2. Funny! I like to play the "Would you rather" game with my children! Complaining a car ride is taking too long? Time for a game of " Would you rather!" Me, "Would you rather be an orphan in a 3rd world country out in the hot sun looking for your next meal, or would you rather be a healthy child sitting in a comfortable van surrounded my loving family?" I usually get a sheepish, "Oh", after that! ;)


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