Sunday, March 20, 2011

Signs of Lukewarmness

I always wondered what the criteria was for lukewarmness!

"Signs of lukewarmness:
  • To have little or no regard for venial sin, and to fear only mortal sin;
  • to perform one's spiritual exercises out of a spirit of routine or human respect, with disgust and with negligence reflected
  • upon and consented to;
  • to pray habitually without attention;
  • to confess one's faults lightly, without the serious resolution of avoiding them;
  • to communicate without devotion, by not striving to obtain it;
  • to perform one's daily actions without the proper intention, without order or method;
  • to be given over to exterior things;
  • to be rarely present to one's self, and yet more rarely to have God present;
  • to renounce the exercise of great virtues, even those whose practice is suited to one's state or profession;
  • to be content with a state of mediocrity;
  • to shun the company of those who work with ardor for their perfection;
  • to seek the company of those who are more dissipated, less fervent and less regular;
  • to form an erroneous conscience, the cause of which superiors and directors often attribute to lack of good judgement;
  • to employ false principles to silence remorse;
  • to nourish, despite the frequent use of the sacraments, interior aversions, jealousies, movements of pride, and particular and dangerous affections;
  • to encourage a spirit of harshness, insubordination and cavilling, which manifests itself in offensive and contentious words;
  • to entertain continually a secret self-love, which, mingling in all one's actions, corrupts and infects them with its virus;
  • lastly, to shirk whatever entails labor and self-abnegation, and to seek rather for comforts, futile consolations, and ease."
Thank you to Anne for sharing this free ebook on Facebook: Counsels of Perfection (free pdf)

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  1. this is a must read for all mothers...women!
    i'm so thankful i found a physical copy.


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