Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chelsea's Creations

I tend to lean more towards the creative unschooler side when it comes to bedtimes, nighttime reading hours, and creative projects.
For years the inner muse visited me late at night and my early bird counterparts fretted at my late hours and later mornings.
I did some of my best writing during those hours.

My daughter was bored at midnight. She rose from bed and, without a scolding parent to prevent the muse from visiting her, she painted.
The detail in these Matuska nesting dolls would not have happened during daylight hours when...

...apples in bowls beg to be eaten, wind flaps leaves on sunny days, and beach-going plans cut flips in her mind like seagulls in the sky.

There are worse things one can be doing at midnight.
I prefer to encourage visits from the muse.

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