Sunday, May 15, 2011

P.O.P. Nature Study: Carols Starts Something New

We're going to look at Chapter 1 (page 1) this week: "Carol Starts Something New"

Carol begins their homeschooling adventure with her two children: Don (4th grade) and Emily (2nd grade).
Carol plans to use Charlotte Mason's "Home Education" for her guidebook. She presents them with two black and white composition notebooks . For science they will study God's creation using their composition notebooks to draw and record nature observations. Emily is enthusiastic but Don is hesitant after having kids make fun of his drawnings the year before in school.
Don finds a large spider web in his secret hide-out. Finally enthusiastic, he mentions that maybe he can draw it in his nature notebook.

Carol gives them their math books then practicies addition with the children using a set of dominoes.

Together they read the first chapter of Bambi.
Nature Notebook Notation:
Don's garden spider---Zygiella artrica


Would you and your children welcome the idea of starting a Nature Notebook?


Spider Web Activity:

On a large sheet of wax paper, let your children make a spider web using a tube of Elmer's glue. Before it dries, sprinkle silver glitter on the wet glue. Glue a large black plastic spider on the web. When it dries (allow all day and all night), peel the web off of the wax paper and stick it on the window.

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