Thursday, June 9, 2011

P.O.P. Nature Study: Start of June

{Wrapping Things Up}

Carol's family packs to move from town to Blackberry Inn in the country.

Carol dwells on leaving the little bungalow, nearby library, and an accessible park.

Would you (do you) miss having easy access to what the city offers?
It is now the month of June and Carol contemplates what school subjects have been finished (something many of us are doing) and what worked and what didn't work during the school year. She plans on the children continuing their reading and Nature Notebooks during the summer months.

What are your children doing during the summer months?


Goldfish---Carassius auratus

Wild lupine---lupinus perennis



1. Miss Rumphius, by Barbara Cooney, is a lovely story about a woman who plants wild lupine seeds throughout her village and countryside. It is based on a true story. (Anyone read this?) We did a few years ago as well as another book illustrated by Barbara Cooney (written by Alice McLerran), Roxaboxen which squeakes and peeks ways to truly let your children be children for a summer without constant adult supervision and planning.

Relax. Enjoy. Let your children be in control for awhile.
Enjoy your summer with the children at Roxaboxen.

2. If your child has a pet, it could be drawn in his Nature Notebook or take a photo and put it in the notebook then have him/her write a story about his pet enjoying a day at Roxaboxen.

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