Monday, July 4, 2011

P.O.P. Nature Study: Emma Cook's Garden

The family is settling into their new home, Blackberry Inn. The very name makes you think of summer.

Carol is reading a new book on the artisit, Audubon, and she shares Audubon's failures with son Don.

There is a beautiful, serene portrayal of the garden in this chapter starting on page 183. Makes me want to run outside an get to work on my little "peace" garden.
I'm very curious about the last paragraph on pg. 183...
* * * * *

Here it is for those without the book: (Pocketful of Pinecones by Karen Andreola)

"A slate and pebble path leads to the house's rain barrel. Because it is in the corner of the garden, it is handy for the waterbearer. On the far side of the garden is another rain barrel where the rain is also collected from the roof of the carriage house. This malodorous barrel brings an offense to the passerby, as it contains manure tea. Emma calls her fermenting concoction, 'Victoria's dressing.' The results of this dressing, so diligently applied, are lush flowers and vegetables."

* * * * *
Now, after being chased home from our weekend camping trip by a furious rain storm and difficult, pesky mosquitoes, I'm thinking these rain barrels wouldn't be too dandy an idea here in Louisiana. I have seen these barrels at the living Acadian village museums here in Louisiana. But not near homes in this day and age...though it sounds lovely and nostalgic in Karen's book. The mosquito control guys would surely point out to us that these barrels are proper breeding grounds for these insects.

From Donna: 
"My mother grew up on a farm and they had more than one rain barrel. The barrels had tight fitting lids to keep the water clean. The lids were only taken off when it was raining so the barrels could fill. So it doesn't seem like mosquitos would have access to the water."
* * * * * *

American goldfinch---Carduelis tristis

Bleeding heart---Dicentra spectabilis

Peppermint---Mentha piperata

Rose-breasted grosbeak--Pheucticus ludovicianus


* * * * * *


Have you ever seen the pictures of birds drawn by Audubon?
A homegrown tomato or strawberry (especially the first strawberries) is unparalleled in taste and texture to that of a supermarket version. Consider growing a fruit or vegetable with your children or visiting a "pick-your-own."

Make a Tomato Pie or your own Homemade Rotel Sauce with your tomatoes this 4th of July.

* * * * * *
Check out a book on Audubon to look through with your children.

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