Friday, August 19, 2011

Chelsea's Cupcake Creations

For the past year or more I've worried that I put my middle daughter to work in the kitchen too early. She's been in charge of the dishes and it has definitely wet her appetite towards work in the kitchen. She has not taken naturally to the kitchen the way her older sister did or energetically the way her younger sister has.

But lately...blessedly...all that has changed. I really do want my girls to love the kitchen and feel at home in it.

My 13 year old daughter has finally begun having fun in the kitchen.

~ With cupcake creations ~

These cute little fishbowls are made with blue-dyed icing, goldfish crackers, green fruit roll-up, and chopped nuts.

These buttery cakes were made for a club meeting with friends. Yellow and white jellybeans made these tasty corn-on-the-cob and a yellow fruit chew Starburst made the slap of non-melting butter.

Ideas are from this cupcake decorating book that promises "playful creations anyone can make" and unspeakable fun: Hello, Cupcake! by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson

It does not lie.

My 13 year old has indulged herself in this cupcake decorating book and the results have been fun and friendly. The creations have worked every time which gives her a great sense of success and style.

And those years of being in charge of the dishes? Seems to have come in handy. She leaves quite a clean kitchen after her creative time there.

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  1. How fun! Those are both so cute...I'm sure Chels has loved making such adorable treats. :) I've flipped through that book before - it looks like so much fun.

    And Ms. Cay, (concerning your post about writer's affirmation): you were and are meant to be a writer. I love how you craft your words. They're every bit as warm and loving as you. It IS hard not to feel like no one's reading... "Maybe I should just stop blogging," chimes the little voice in our head. But our blogs are for us to share our thoughts. And those who think similarly will find us, read, and enjoy. :)


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