Friday, November 4, 2011

Every Woman Needs a {Domestic Day}

Most woman are a little obsessed with Martha Stewart and Paula Deen. Aren't we?
Even if we don't particularly gush about them (or even care for them) we secretly want our home to look that nice, our kitchen to smell that nice, and our bathrooms to be that nice. Even if they aren't.

That's why I think it's a good self-practice to declare one day a week as your {Domestic Day}.

Mine would be Friday.

Saturday & Sunday are family days usually filled with what the rest of the family wants to do and outside activities.
Monday is co-op day...a full day of classes and learning and socializing.
Tuesday is a couple of rushed hours at the office to prep for Wednesday followed by afternoons with 4-H, Keepers, soccer, and ballet.
Wednesday is my work day and I sometimes attend a bible study that helps me focus my life through Scripture.
Thursday is often less cluttered but I might clean-up my office a bit, shop a bit, and run a ton of errands. It's never just my day.
Friday is often an untouched day. It is my {Domestic Day} and I feel blessed to have it.

Today's {Domestic Day} went something like this:
  • tinkered with my blog layout while watching The Aristocats with girls
  • tryed to understand what happened with Google Reader and attempted to try to find and apply another blog sharer (failed at both attempts but at least I had a morning to try)
  • swept and mopped sitting room, kitchen, bathrooms, and hallway floors
  • cleaned tiolets
  • laundry catch-up
  • sink clean-up
  • leisurely trip to store which allowed me a headstart on necessary items I will need in the next week so that I am not rushed silly
  • sausage and potoato soup on stovetop
  • sweet potato pie and pumpkin pie piping in the oven
  • date night with husband
{Domestic Days} help us get through the rest of the week.

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