Monday, November 28, 2011

One More Picture Perfect Week

In celebration of Picture Book Month, A Picture Perfect Childhood is being offered in Ebook format for only $1.99. This special will stay on the library bookshelf for the rest of this week.

Get your copy today and begin the New Year with a new understanding of the connections picture books create between relationships within families, how they cultivate the imagination,
  • a picture-perfect booklist for enhancing your child's education,
  • a checklist for working on virtues throughout the year,
  • a global geography booklist,
  • a map for Across America,
  • a tray of petit fours for moms to read,
  • a monthly menu to treat yourselves and your children to
It's a great way to start the upcoming 2012 year!

A Picture Perfect Childhood (Ebook format)

A Picture Perfect Childhood (Paperback format)

I'm hopeful that having an Ecopy of these lists loaded to your portable technical devise will make your trips to the library easier. PPC has a wide avenue of prearranged booklist to use in spicing up the second half of your school year. For the 4th year in a row, an audience of little people at St. Jude's Hospital will get a box of treats thanks to your spirit of giving. :-)

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