Friday, December 2, 2011

In the Spirit of HIS Spirit

I didn't realize how many times we would chant the refrain "And with your Spirit" during Mass on the 1st Sunday of Advent. Each time the sing-song rose, it hung softly in the air and I thought how perfect it was.

It just seemed to fit.

To have that spirit brought back during the Advent season was nice. Very nice.

It breathed a new breath into an ancient liturgy pasted down from generation to generation, from people to people, from century to century.

We people have fallen, we have failed, and we have disappointed God our Creator time and time again but, each day is a renewal, each generation is a renewal, each person is a renewal to get things right with God. His spirit is always with us, always waiting on us on us to get things right, always seeking us to conform and accept His spirit.

As God's people we cannot not keep His spirit within ourselves, not even within our own homes. We have to spread it. We have to share it. It is not a part of us though we all possess a part. We have to offer it to others in order to give it back to God ten-fold?

His spirit does not retract or condense. It expands and spreads. He waits on us. He breathes His spirit on us. He is ever patient with us. He patiently waits for us to answer the call of His spirit.

It is with this spirit that Lisa Mladinich and the other catechists at Amazing Catechists share our words freely throughout the liturgical year. I am blessed to now be included in this wonderful community.

During this Advent Season, we hope to bless even more families with the words He has given us to share. There will be TEN AMAZING DAYS OF ADVENT GIVEAWAYS offered between Dec. 6-Dec. 15 and all you have to do is share your words of encouragement under a column which blesses you.

Part of this sharing includes my three books which are excellent ways to begin sharing His spirit with young children during the new year. Just to leave a comment anywhere on the site and you might get a FREE copy of one of these:

A Picture Perfect Childhood
Catholic Mosaic
Christmas Mosaic

Beginning on the Feast of St. Nicholas, December 6 and lasting through December 15, FREE WORDS OF BLESSING AND SPIRIT will be given away at Amazing Catechists.

You can go here to see the spirit of cheer that is being offered and what you need to do to be blessed by His spirit. Even better, share this spirit with your family and friends and, by doing so, you will help breathe His spirit, expand His spirit, share His spirit, and spread His spirit to others this Advent Season.

It's a very real way of spreading the awesome message of...

"And with your Spirit."

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