Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Once Upon a Time, We Were All Perfect Parents

Can I admit say that I smile behind 24 years of parenting when I read the sweet comments that first-time parents stat on Facebook. I smile even at sweeter comments made by second-time parents on Facebook.

Perfect children in a perfect world. Ah, what a perfect world we weave.

During those times "Ummm, Ok..." is pretty much all I can say before walking clicking away and moving on with my life. Afterall, I don't want to totally destroy their notion that they have been blessed with perfect children and "perfect" parenting skills. I mean, it's perfectly ok to believe that...when you're a new parent, that is.

I hate to admit it but, once-upon-a-time, I was also a"perfect" parent. One among many!

That thought makes me smile now, but in a different way.

You know you are a true member of the Perfect Parent Club when you can no longer claim confidence in yourself and your parenting skills but discover confidence, rather, in Christ "...because really, only He can make good out of the mess we sometimes make with our kids."

Thank you, Colleen, for letting us be Ummm, Ok with admitting that we were never as perfect as we thought we were and we are now Ok with not having to live up to that kind of perfection. 

The discovery is a bit more refining. ;-)


  1. Love it, Cay! Bless you, girl! From one former Louisiana girl to another! :)

  2. One more thing and then I'll quite bugging you...I just read your column at Amazing Catechists and so enjoyed your ideas. What a terrific site that is! Thank you for introducing it to me...lots of things to ponder there. And your books look terrific. I don't read parenting books (they stress me out) but your practical, informative and oh-so-helpful compilations are right up my alley! God bless you, Cay!


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