Monday, January 9, 2012

My-Nearly-Absent, Very Wet Daybook

This is my own Cajun Cottage version of the Simple Woman's Daybook. It's been sadly void and silent of late but today's rainy day gave me the time-of-day in which to write another daybook.
Outside my Window...Rain...a hefty amount of rain...and 75-80 degrees
I am thinking's January...why is it 75-80 degrees outside.
Also hoping our winter gets cold enough to immobilize all the mosquito eggs in the ground.
Also hoping our winter gets cold enough to chill the waters of the Gulf enough to stave off any summertime hurricane activity.

Also considering how it was 3 children who moved out of this house a few month ago, but, if they were ever to move back, it would be 3 adults moving back in. Is that even possible? Not sure. Not sure at all.

I am thankful for...
a daughter who always texts to see if I need anything from the store on her way home. Pluses to having adult children who drive and live next door. ;-)
From the schoolroom...
We began our homeschooling journey in 1997. We have schooled all over the house.
I've been writing my whole life. Often in bed or on the couch.
I was asked to serve my church's religious education program in 2010 and was a catechist for 5 years before that. My paperwork has dittoed tables and counter tops for years.
We've never had a school room. I've never had an office, though I've had an office corner.
{work counter with two work stations for the girls---overhead shelving to be installed soon}
Today I focused on setting-up our new office/studio...and though it was gifted to me by my husband and children...I am hesitant to claim it mine. I love life with my children. No part of this house is mine alone. We share all the rooms because without them this would not be home.
Funny, or not, I catch myself already planning house renovations, additions, and designs around future visits from my grandchildren. How's that for being obsessed with family living. :-)
The office is coming together nicely. It's almost there...and almost not. Still have lots of little things I need to get for it and do in it.
But, for today, I'm very happy. :-)
{Chelsea discovered Meme's nursing school typewriter and gave it the place of recognition}
I am daughter:
"I never realized that being creative could have so many rules."
(after I listed to her all the haves and have-nots in our new studio/office...a topic which deserves its own post)
{Art corner and Reading corner...possibly future table spot for my future know, the cute miniature tables preciously made for play-doh, coloring books, magnets, puzzles, etc.}
From the kitchen...Friends came over at lunch and helped us finished off last night's gumbo.
Pizza and LSU football game tonight
I am wearing...
Couple-of-Baseball-Seasons-Old *My Daughter is a Sweet Heart* T-shirt, blue jeans, and bare feet
I am creating...a studio...a neat and tidy studio...which is kinda funny...since 6 months from now it will be anything...but neat and experience has taught me.
 But, for now, the moment is nice and invigorating.
I am this rain? Nowhere!
Even giving up an a LSU football party invitation from some of the best of friends in favor of staying home tonight. I know. I'm a total bore.
I am was anything on organizing and simplifying such as...
Using What We Have by Catherine Pond
Time to Simplify...Again by Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur
Trapped Financially? Jesus Can Redeem Your Budget Too by Kelly Hancock
How to Tackle Your Clutter by Leo Babauta
And anxiously awaiting Lesley Austin's focus on wild simplicity and deep domesticity
"There will be plenty of inspiration-visual and written, but with an focus on the actual doing of what it takes to make our domestic lives more harmonious...woven in and amongst all the seasonal, cosy, literary beauty."
And though I had no idea it was National Clean Off Your Desk Day...I guess you can say I observed it pretty well.
I am hoping...for peace.
I am, furious, steady rain.
I am praying...for job situations many families hurting in this economy.
2 pregnant friends and 2 pregnant nieces...all 4 due this March!
Observing the Liturgical Calendar...enjoying some quiet *ordinary* time between Liturgical seasons...praying and contemplating the need for a new word for a new year...focusing on my generated saint for 2012: St. John the Baptist
Around the house...
Studio set-up in progress.
Decluttering the hallways
Dejunking the bedroom
Sitting room being converted from a mudroom back into its intended usage.
One of my favorite things... rainy days with no wheres to go and nothing to do but make home a haven.
This is my true calling and today was nothing less than a gift from God.
A few plans for the rest of the week...
Tuesday: Office work then Girl's Club where we'll learn first aid and make pan pizza/dance
Wednesday: CCD day
Thursday: Orthodontist/
Offering humble words to Ladies' Ultreya group/ Dance
Friday: Decorate for Winter Formal
Saturday: Snowflakes on the Bayou Winter Formal for Chelsea
Shooting Sports for Annie
Here is picture thought I am sharing...
{Sneak peek of my new writing nook and a new writing tool...NetBook on docking station...compliments of my sweet husband and children. They have a lot of faith in me.}


  1. Cay, thank you for publishing the Advent Meditation (Amazing Catechist). I was moved to tears with the simple beauty of the actions. The powerful words of love spoke to me of Advent- seeiking Jesus in the experience of serving others. The theme can be carried into Epiphany- as the manifestation of God in our lives. Thank you!

  2. You are quite welcome and Thank You for your thoughtful comment and taking the time to share it. Happy Epiphany blessings to you. :)


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