Monday, February 20, 2012

A Day Filled with Calla Lilies, Cake, and Blessings

February 20 ~ April 20
{Beautiful Bouquet of carnations and daisies gifted by my friend Monica}

Yesterday was just pure fun. Today was an awakening of sorts.
This morning I awoke with the realization that we have exactly two months before Corey and Adrain's wedding.
Oh, happy day! :-)
But, before I get to that little bit of information, insync with my random thoughts this morning, has anyone else ever assumed thought that calla lilies were cow lilies?  Or am I (embarrassingly so) the only one?
That's my future daughter-in-love's favorite flower. My friend Sandra did some awesome handiwork with crafting some edible calla lilies for the shower cake. Aren't they lovely?
{the cake design is Paisley Print}

I know this seems totally off-the-wall but follow me for a moment here.
So I wake up and begin downloading the few pictures I thought to capture yesterday and curious minded-me, this morning...after the revelation that my oldest in two short months will be meeting his bride at the same altar his grandparents were wed 50 years ago this June, as did his father and I 26 years ago this May which may I add, in all honesty, seems like only two months ago...randomly typed in cow lilies and was educated to the fact that they are calla lilies
I'm still learning, friends. Don't disown me for being honest. ;-)
I have never claimed to be a flower expert though my blog might give a false nod at times. If it isn't your basic rose or magnolia I send the girls to Chelsea's godmother (gardner extraordinaire) to confirm the flower's identity.
With the knowledge that cow lilies are really calla lilies, I found a couple of fascinating fun facts about this paticular flower which will grace Adrain's wedding table, bouquet, and finery this coming April.
In keeping with the joy of the occassion, I thought I'd share these bullet points which we shall call...
Bouquet Points About Calla Lilies:
  • symbolizes purity, understanding, appreciation
  • native plant to South Africia
  • not a member of the lily family
  • can bloom all year long
  • Ancient Roman households potted them inside and when the flower bloomed it was considerated a sign of spring
  • also symbolic of rebirth and resurrection, these beautiful flowers were once only associated with funerals but have become, fittingly, a popular bridal flower
  • it's a sturdy flower which can be potted for indoors and transplanted outdoors
* * * * *
It's really a symbol of everything I can hope for in their marriage:
  • a marriage that is pure, understanding, and appreciative of all thoughts, feelings, and physical needs
  • a marriage that will bloom for eternity
  • a marriage that blooms all year, every year
  • a marriage that is potted, watered, nourished, and fed faithfully within the home
  • a marriage that thrives within the home and grows strong enough to be transplanted into the world at large
  • a marriage that is a rebirth of hope, love, and joy for both Corey and Adrain as they begin a new life together
  • a sturdy marriage that grows stronger each year
  • a beautiful wedding day that blooms in faith and trust this spring
    * * * * *
    Since I've taken up your morning educating you about flowers (surely my husband and boys will shake their heads in despair) I will leave you with a few pictures, and I do mean a few.
     I have a smart phone but no camera. :-(  Oh, pitiful me!
    Smart phones are great but lack good picture taking skills.
    I'm hopeful that Oma and my friend Lanell will have much better photo to share but for those we must wait.

    Good or flawed photos, I did want to record the day here. Photo albums have forever fallen into total despair and boxes the past five years. This blog is my photo album/scrapbook so I did not want another month day to go by without recording a beautiful day and a joyful memory for the happy couple!
    It began a couple months ago when the hostesses decided to move the bridal shower from SuperBowl Sunday, February 5th, to Mardi Gras weekend, February 19th. Only, in the planning, no one remembered it was the weekend before Mardi Gras, myself included.
    Did I mention that I'm talking about Mardi Gras in Louisiana, no less?
    It's almost sacrilegious to plan anything the weekend before Mardi Gras!
    Getting everyone to agree on a date is hard enough. We decided to leave it alone and went forward with the plans. We cut our serving number in half of the amount of invitations planned and joyfully ordered the cake.
    Saturday greeted us with a gully-washer of a rain storm. We were showered with high winds, damages, power outages and yards turned into swamps.
    The next day we were graced with beautiful blue skies and showered with a deluge of good friends, faithful family, and gifts galore.
    Except for a few friends who had to miss, it couldn't have been any better. I promise you!
    Corey and Adrain's new house was filled to standing room capacity.
    {excuse the absense of curtains...the house has a huge amount of windows and the couple is just getting started...luckily family and friends gave them lots of items to place around their new home and in their cabinets which, up until now, pantry-ed only paper plates and styrofoam cups}
    I regret not getting a picture of all the pregnant women and babies who were present at the shower this Sunday (there was quite a number) but they are alive and well. Please pray for good health and safe deliveries for mothers and babies.

    Nothing on this earth can transplant the garden of family and friends God has planted in our lives nor replace their beauty.
    Something tells me we are so totally unworthy of these blessings.
    Something else tells me that God shines through the clouds and storms that He brings to strengthen these relationships and to sustain them. It's part of His Mystery.
    Always, always look for the good, the beautiful, the holy, the possible.
    It can be found but we have to meet God halfway.
    I hope and pray Corey and Adrain remembers these words throughout their marriage but something tells me they will have to learn it on their own. Afterall, it's between them and God. Family and friends are just the icing on the cake. ;-)
    Again, my smart phone is not worthy of picture taking.
    But have I mentioned what awesome friends and family we have?
    We are so blessed!
    Would so appreciate prayers during these next two months and into eternity for our soon-to-be-wed couple.


  1. Happy for you all, Cay! So excited about their building a house next door. Did you post about how all that came about? If you did, please send me a link. I missed it.

  2. I never realized calla lillies represented so much goodness! What a beautiful (and honest) way to "scrapbook" your memories. We will keep you all in our prayers.

  3. Thank you for your nice words, Patty! :)

    Wendy, no I haven't . I've tried to be frugal with what I share here about the couple. You aren't the first to ask though so maybe they'll give me permission to share. :)


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