Friday, February 10, 2012

Rainy Fridays and Tiny Treasures

She crawled in bed next to me as street lights still flickered outside and vehicle headlights reflected mirrored roads on their way to early work. She said she was staying in bed all day, that's what rainy days are for.

Then she slithered out from under the warm comforter, donned some fuzzy socks and boots, popped open her poka-dot umbrella and went outside to find the outside dog and cat and call them into the warm hearth of kitchen smells and spicy expectations.

Coffee brewed and Hermionie found warm comfort on sister's lap.
My hard worker's text message read: "Good day for Gumbo!"

My reply: "Your wish is my command."

Fresh homemade deer sausage and chicken went into the sink to thaw. A shopping list was written.

Then the girls were given permission to delay school work in preparation for Tuesdays Girls' Club Meeting when we will make dollhouse minatures (Tiny Treaures and Tiny Treats) and have fun all afternoon with friends.

And made our annual Valentine Box!

Feeling a bit like  Dawn, I spent a Sun and Candlelight moment . I fixed my cup of coffee and decided to wish you all a very lovely matter how tiny your treasures are or what the weather is on your end. :-)
Life doesn't get much better than rainy day Fridays at home with children, pets, warm food, and cups of coffee. :-)


  1. Cay, I always love reading your blog. Today it has helped my home sick heart. Oh how I miss girls club. Missing everyone back home.

  2. Heather, Loved hearing from you. We miss having you at girls club and your beautiful girls. Know y'all are learning lots over there and doing God's will. Btw, did my friend Colleen make contact with you? They are doing missionary work in Costa Rica as well and I gave her the link to your blog.


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