Monday, March 26, 2012

Duchesss Kate Didn't Get the Memo

Another day on the job and in her first public speaking engagement as a royal, Prince William's wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, wore a cross around her neck.

The significance?

Nine days earlier, the British government stated their citizens had no right to wear a cross, a prominient sign of the Christian faith, to work in public.
Last year it emerged that Mrs Eweida, a British Airways worker, and Mrs Chaplin, a nurse, had taken their fight to the European Court in Strasbourg after both faced disciplinary action for wearing a cross at work.
Mrs Eweida’s case dates from 2006 when she was suspended for refusing to take off the cross which her employers claimed breached BA’s uniform code.
The 61 year-old, from Twickenham, is a Coptic Christian who argued that BA allowed members of other faiths to wear religious garments and symbols.
 Andrea Williams, the director of the Christian Legal Centre, said: “It is extraordinary that a Conservative government should argue that the wearing of a cross is not a generally recognised practice of the Christian faith.
* * * * *
“In recent months the courts have refused to recognise the wearing of a cross, belief in marriage between a man and a woman and Sundays as a day of worship as ‘core’ expressions of the Christian faith.
"What next? Will our courts overrule the Ten Commandments?”

* * * * *
And so the British government allows the workplace to dictate that Christians Have No Right to Wear the Cross.

Yet Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, did just that.
Go, Kate!!!
Go watch the video of her speech: Duchess's Speech


  1. LOVE this! Thanks for posting this! Such a fabulous, faith-filled royal rebel!

  2. this really surprised me of the British government.

    the Duchess is just what we all need, young and capable and very intelligent. even as an American I respect and love her.


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