Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bottling Memories

This weekend has been a lovely whirlwind of life, joy, and thanksgiving. I wish I could bottle up all the laughter, the smiles, the hugs, and the memories to keep during the days that will come, must come, that are dark and teary.  But, for now, I see only the blessings God has given our family and I am so amazingly, joyfully, thankfully grateful. Everything else pales in comparison.

For once I did not take my camera or iphone on my person. I wanted to absorb the precious moments without boundaries, lenses, and borders. I am grateful for those who did take pictures and am waiting on the photographe'rs pictures to come in.

In the meantime,while I'm slowly loading and sharing them on Facebook, I'm sharing a few pictures here taken by Oma and a dear friend because this is the place I bottle up the memories.
Wedding Cake---a labor of love made by the bride's grandmother
Wedding Party---April 20, 2012
Exchange of wedding bands.
Our new "little' family.
Mark and I---still dancing after all these years. :-)
These kids grow up TOO FAST!!!
A Favorite of Annie with her older brother during the money dance.
"If you've got the money, honey, I've got the time." :-)
One of my absolute favorite pictures. One of the girls told her mommy that she got to dance with the "wedding girl!" :-)

More pictures as I get them.
Thank you all for the many prayers. We were showered in them...literally!


  1. Beautiful pictures ... I don't know who was prettier the bride or you! You were beaming with love & pride. The picture of you & Mark is very nice.

  2. Loved each picture! So happy for your family!


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