Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Constructive Creative Messes

We still seem to make messes and more messes; only the girls seem to clean-up a bit better, a bit, than they used to.

This morning I left Annie in the study with her timed math lesson and returned to a playground construction site underway made out of playdoh and yarn, complete with slide, swing, see-saw, and merry-go-round.

"Very creative use of your time." I pat her head. "Now back to the math lesson."

But it was time for her sister's doctor visit so she loaded reading book, math lesson, math book, and reading comprehension into her book bag and we set out.

The other day I found these 14 year old birthday twins in my kitchen making Mochi Ice Cream.

"Let it be as messy as it's gonna be.
A warm wet rag cleans it up beautifully.
And it's so worth the memories."
{~Paula Deen}

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