Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Dog Ate the Wedding Dress Ticket

I'd always heard of dogs eating people's homework. Though it's always been shared in comic relief circles, it has never happened to me, so I doubted its credibility and possibility.

Of course I know puppies chew; I've had dogs all my life. I had one puppy chew the corner of my college book and some things have been swallowed whole but I never had a dog eat my homework.

Fast forward past all those school years, all those college reports and assignments, and past 15 years of homeschooling my own children.

Never has happened!

Last week I did the simple task of taking Adrain's wedding dress to the cleaner to get steamed. I was given the claim ticket. That day the girls brought Corey's Christmas gift to Adrain (a cute, sweet, furry Yorkie puppy) to the house to play with and, in the mist of my lazy reclining evening, a furry blur whizzed past the doorway and skidded across the new wood floors followed by Annie. There was mention of a piece of paper as a chase ensued. I paid it no mind; Annie was having fun and little Marley was getting some exercise. The whizzing and skidding continued back and forth across the shiny slick new floor.

When the culprit was finally overtaken and the paper pryed from her fierce latch, both dog and paper were brought to me with a questioning "Don't know what this is but do you still need it?"

It was the dry cleaner's claim ticket for the wedding dress. Part of it was sliced in half and one corner was found on the floor.

Luckily the claim number was still recognizable.

I have already delivered the dry cleaning ticket and the dog safely back in Adrain's arms, wishing I had paid more attention to the race and the white flag flying from the dog's mouth.

I will never again doubt any stories of dogs eating people's important homework (much less other important papers) and I apologize to all the dogs I ever doubted.

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