Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Foolery in the Kitchen

If anyone visits my home today they will think blueberry jam is bubbling away on my stovetop or blueberry muffins are blanketed soft and downy in the oven. They may be fooled into thinking a blackberry cobbler is steaming soft and syrupy in the oven.

The children did keep an eye on Uncle Gerald's berry bushes while he was at the camp during Eastertide and one of the girls did take a sullen, moody walk to the cow pasture  one day and came back revived and renewed with muddy sneakers and a bowl full of purple-black berries. 

Sugar and cream anyone?

But today I'm not cooking or baking anything. I have to go shoe shopping for a wedding. ;-)

And so, if anyone visits my home today, they will be offered a cup of coffee and the wonderful smell of a kitchen in the mist of springtime pleasures.

But the blueberry smell is wafting from my Scentsy Warmer a gift from my friend Becky...not my oven. ;-)

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