Thursday, April 26, 2012

Medicine for Discouraged Mothers

Can I pierce this otherwise laid-back, low-key, amible blog with a frustrated ranting and raving?

If you're so kind to listen, thank you.

If you're having a bad day it's probably best you bounce onto another blog.

I just got off the phone with a grandmother whose daughter is trying to find help in caring for her son's three little girls. The wife of her son/mother of those three little girls has "flipped out" and left the family for lights, action, party, and good times.

This is the second time this week I've heard this tale of women who are acting like children woe. It would take two (maybe three) hands for me to rattle off the names of family, friends, and acquaintances I know who have suffered at the hands of women gone wild women like these. They have children, begin "acting up", and take off, leaving the husband with the kids, house, laundry, cleaning, carpooling, etc. while they party, play, shop, hang-out and friends, and act like they're teenagers all over again.

It's incredible!

I've seen good, Christian devoted family women do it as well. It isn't just women who were denied the presence of a good mother growing up. It's women of every background possible. I blame the media...for lack of research on my part.

Why are women acting like this? Why?

Why are so many women acting like this? Why?

I'm going to repair my blog's reputation and offer a positive little bandaid of advice and mentorship for those wives/mothers who are feeling like the only place they can turn is outside the home.

For years I have followed the writing and mentorship of Sally Clarkson. I've read every book she has written and am a faithful reader of her blog: I Take Joy

I have sent/given her first book Seasons of a Mother's Heart to friends when I felt they needed a refresher course/ booster shot/ 101 course on mothering.
Sally (her message, her voice, her advice) is always calming medicine for the bewildered, discouraged, discontented mother. Sally has turned the compass of my thoughts constantly back towards home. She has instilled within my heart the worth of my mission as a wife and a mother.

Sally's mission is to help other mothers and, by doing so, to help strengthen parents and families because she knows how valuable and precious are the people who belong in them. Families are the one entity still deemed irreplaceable within society.

Sally has started something new and refreshing for moms as well. Mom Heart Online is the place where mothers are reminded that their "mom's heart matters". It is the place to go when you "need encouragement, inspiration, insight, or help as a Christian mother... Twenty Christian ("messy, striving, well-intentioned") moms will keep your mom heart beating for God."

Click over to and be inspired to be the best wife and mother God intended you to be.

And, just so you know who you are, Mom, read this.


  1. I can not comprehend why any women would leave her children. I can't even offer theories ... media or education or whatever ... because honestly it is beyond any power of imagination I might have. Thank you for the beautiful links - for bringing good to the situation.

  2. Wonderful...not about the moms gone wild!! lol - that is really crazy these days, isn't it?...but the Sally Clarkson advice is sure good stuff :) Thanks so much!


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