Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Litany of Cells

This baby's expression made me laugh.
The caption with it made me think.

Why does this poster, going around Facebook, make us laugh?

1) The baby's expression is the same one we'd have on our face if someone called us a "lump of cells"---we'd be indignant, for sure, because we know we are so much more
2) the truth is we are all (actually) a "lump of cells"---contradiction, for sure

Let me explain.
We really are all a lump of cells...living cells, breathing cells, dancing cells. Our bodies are made of millions, ja-ga-zillions lumps of cells. So #2 is a true statement.  

But we are more than just a "lump of cells" and that's what makes the abortion reasonings so ridiculous.
We are so much more.
That's what makes the baby expression so funny.
To think of him a just a "lump of cells" is an insult to his personhood.
A person who...thinks. A person who...reasons. Will grow to serve. Capable of reaching out. A person who...considers. Who rationalizes. Who debates. Who loves.

A mere "lump of cells", found in other animal species, is not capable of deeper thinking and reasoning and rationalizing.
We are on a higher plain.
That is a truth as well.

We also have a piece of our Creator within us.
This soul has no cells and cannot be seen under a microscope; yet it is the litany that makes those "lump of cells" so much more than mere "lumps of cell". This litany makes our cells sing.

This litany allows our "lump of cells" to think, reason, consider, rationalize, and debate the very being of our Creator, of why He made us, and why we are here. With that litany our very cells serve our God, we reach out to Him, and we love Him.

A "lump of cells" can't do that.

Makes me sad for those "lump of cells" who are content to think, reason, consider, rationalize, and debate that they are only a "lump of cells" and nothing more. It is the litany of the Creator within us that transforms us, mere "lump of cells, into something so much more.

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