Thursday, May 31, 2012

To Facebook or Not to Facebook

It's an old argument by now and one I've pretty much given up. I don't fight the system; I'm too busy fighting my own demons and human weakness.

I love Facebook but this article makes me want to give it up. I think the final decision of whether "to FB or to give it up" lies in the full awareness one's own identity.

Do you know who you are?
Do you know what you believe?
Do you overtly care what other people think?
Do you have a spiritual life?
Do you have your own sense of identity? Your own sense of self?
Do you serve the people immediately around you in your home, church, and community or are you always occupied by the business of others?
Do you remember that FB is not your life and never was your life?
Do you remember that FB is not the whole story and never was the whole story?
Do you remember that FB is not the reality and never was the reality?

"And our children will never have known a world without this sort of exposure. What does a worldview lacking an expectation of privacy mean for the rest of society?" Sultan and Miller conclude with the eeriest of questions. "What it means, of course, is that we are creating a world in which our sense of identity, of who we actually are, is defined by what others think of us. Social media's ubiquity means that we are losing that most precious of human things -- our sense of self."

~ Facebook Threatens to 'Zuck Up' The Human Race by Andrew Keen

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  1. Yes, thought provoking. Let's keep making real realtionships as best we can! Glad to know you even over the miles, Cay!


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