Saturday, June 16, 2012

50 Years and Counting

50 years spent wallking side by side...

serving one another while serving others...

They are wonderful parents who have always put their children and grandchildren above all else. They taught me everything I needed to know about living a sacramental marriage and knowing that family life was our path to heaven.
There have been times they said too much...because all parents do...but, more than any words spoken, they have been shining examples of perserverance, charity, hard-work, forgiveness, wisdom, and...most of all...unconditional love.
Happy 50th Anniversary, Oma and Opa!
We Love Y'all!
Love, y'all's creations: "Mark, Cay, Corey, Adrain, Garrett 1, Tavyn, Kayleigh, Garrett 2, Chelsea and Annie"

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on 50 years together :)


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