Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Chance to Live All Over Again

Babies make the world go round and forward. Without babies, life would just stop and we'd all be a bunch of selfish, self-centered zombies.

Babies give you the chance to live life all over again, more fully.

They teach you more than you've ever been taught.

They teach you about love so intense it hurts.

They teach you about sacrifice and loss.

They bless you in ways you've never been blessed. They are a precious commodity.

They give you hope that tomorrow will be something beautiful.

Babies give you the chance to live life all over again.
And God keeps giving our family the gift of life, lessons, and love over...and over...and over again.

Introducing Grandchild #1...
Mr. Hudson Andrew Gibson

{Auntie Annie fully expects him to share the beautiful month of December with her. ;-) }

After the ultrasound, Kayleigh baked secret "gender reveal" cupcakes and Grandpa and I were treated to a private video viewing with cupcake in hand. {The little aunts were there as well.) Much excitement in the air! I told my Facebook friends, I'm not as confused as I look in the photo. A dear friend of mine said I didn't look confused at all, just intent. God, bless that friend! Lol!

At a pre-selected time, the video was paused and we were allowed to open our cupcake to reveal...

Please pray for the parents. They are 19 and young and in love. It's not the best situation. We know that and so do they. I usually don't go into the lives of my older children on this here blog but sometimes lives get spliced open in order to reveal His power, His message, His generosity.

They have both been working two jobs. Garrett will start our community college this fall, knowing that the next two years are part of his preparation at being a father. They both have families and friends who are supporting their decision to keep the baby and raise it. It won't be easy but it's a chance to stretch further, a chance to pray harder, a chance to love more fully.
My friend Tina calls it a Life Challenge. I like that term. Life Challenges are good for us.This is so about life. And who can deny the challenge?

As my niece said, life isn't easy but it's still beautiful.
I'm seeing the beauty in smiles like these...and blue-tinted cupcakes made by excited aunties...and little purple LSU t-shirts...and cotton-hued ultrasound pictures...and picking out of baby names and grandparents names...and such caring words of wisdom from a community of family and friends who love us dearly. :-)

And, most of all, I'm seeing the beauty in the chance to live all over again in the presence of this dear, dear, dear little heartbeat who waved at us from the television screen.

God had this little soul in mind from the beginning of time.
In the end it is not about how children come into the world that matters, but how we receive them.  

It was His plan to ask us to love this child and watch over him.
And we said, yes, of course. It's an honor and a privilege.


  1. My hubby and I started off "the wrong way". We married very young with one on the way. It was not his plan. We knew he wanted us together but we rushed things. Life has been difficult because of those sins but we decided we would make it. We have. Money has always been an issue, at least for the first 20 years. If we had waited for His time I suspect times would never have been that tough. That being said we also decided to look for His hand in all things and we have been so blessed to see it, at every turn. I see young couples and I know that God will bless them if they only ask.

    Congrats on the BABY! That is wonderful news.

  2. Many blessings to you, Cay, as you receive this "life challenge" with such grace and unconditional love. I am inspired and grateful for the example.


  3. My own married/family life started very much the same way. This post is beautiful. Your son is so very blessed. Every baby is a blessing. Many prayers. Is it odd to tell you I know exactly how to pray for them? Been there. Done that. Thanks be to God! It will so beautiful. Much love, dear Cay.

  4. "In the end it is not how children come into the world that matters, but how we receive them."

    That's it exactly! I have a child in my life who entered the world in a similar way; except that the father and his family chose not to receive this beautiful child. I have watched this child grow and watched her mother's family absolutely delight in her presence; despite the factors surrounding her conception.

    We don't get to pick how everything happens; but we do get a chance to make lemonade every once in a while.

    I am excited to have a new niece or nephew joining our family in December too!

  5. Babies are such a blessing! Excited for your family to revel in that beauty yet again.

  6. Dear Cay,
    You are the most beautiful grandmother! Every line of this announcement is carefully touched with grace and love. Hudson, his parents, and we are all blessed by your joy and your strength. Be assured of many, many prayers offered for you all. Advent begins today as we wait with you in joyful hope!
    Much love to you.

  7. Thank you, everyone! We're anxious to meet our little man. He will be well-loved by many. And your encouraging words and prayers make the challenge quite a bit easier already. :)

  8. What a great example you set for your children and your readers! We don't always make the best choices but its how we choose to address our "life challenges" that show who we are, what we are made of, and in Whom we trust. Congratulations to the parents and grandparents! You will be in my prayers.
    P.S. When I first saw the sonogram picture, I thought maybe you, Cay, were announcing a later in life surprise!

  9. This is such a beautiful post, Cay. I'm so happy for you. I can't begin to tell you what a blessing this little baby will be. I never imagined I could love our grandbaby so much. You are going to be an amazing grandmother!

  10. So proud of the papa and mama-to-be...they are being courageous indeed. :) Can't wait to meet the little man either!

    Pss, nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Details on my blog. :)

  11. Commenting here very late, but I just saw this and want to congratulate everyone involved. Only one generation back from mine, it was normal - infact considered right and proper - to have children at 19 or so. The best news is that these two people are in love with each other. I pray their love is rewarded with the love of the community and that all graces are with them.


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