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A Writer's 10%

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Pros and Cons of Social Media Evangelization

"This morning, I heard something neat on the radio. Catholic writer Pat Gohn was discussing her article Tithing On Social Media. Her suggestion was that we give God 10 percent of our status updates or tweets every time we use social media. That’s a great idea, isn’t it?"

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I appreciate everything about this article but God's grace had me focusing on the 10%.

Christian writers have a hard time taking money for something we would happily do for free and the guilt that comes with passing the offertory basket.

In the past, I struggled with the guilt over how much to write for the religious market, how much to give away free, and how much to pursue other interest-led writing in areas I love. I read somewhere that religious writers shouldn't necessarily write from a religious perspective but should write so that their writing sheds light in the direction of Truth. Wish I could remember where I read this.

My thoughts go directly towards great writers such as Flannery O'Connor, Tolkien, and Lewis.

The challenge of being a Catholic writer in today's world is finding Truth in all areas of our lives just as we are called to take the Gospel message we hear in Church each Sunday and share it throughout the week in our homes and workplaces. Same scenerio.

As Christians we often forget God only requests 10%. We know He wants all of us. We know He deserves all of us. That 10% quickly blurs into 100% and we fall into guilt if we take any of it for ourselves.

These two authors gave me peace in helping me set a boundary on my writing and to help alleviate the guilt. Since it's true that people place monetary value on things they truly care about and value, I should not be embarrassed to receive monetary amounts on my writing when I truly care about and value the message enough to share it. If I value it, others will value it. We show how much we value things in dollars and cents. We spend money on things we value. Mine would primarily be my children and future grandchild. I delight in giving them things. I delight in seeing them happy. And I expect nothing in return. My husband also delights in giving to his family. He works long hours to be able to give us extra and take us on a last-minute vacation trip. He does it freely yet it costs him his extra sleep, his extra relaxation, his extra free time. He gives that up so he can give to us. Yet him giving up those things are worth something. Humans show that in the physical substance of dollars and cents.

Despite that, what we do share freely in regards to our writing is part of our tithe to God and justifies the balance of writing that we get paid for.

While it's true that God asks for all of us, for us to be His totally, He is a generous God. He only asks for 10%.  I probably give away lots more of my writing than I receive and that's because writers write. We just do.

Still, I have felt guilt at times when I've collected a profit. Perhaps it's a generational thing. Perhaps it's when I look at my life as a whole and see God's gifts and blessings in abundance that I hesitant to collect stipends on my writings.

But, knowing that we place and are willing to spend monetarily on what we value makes me realize there is nothing wrong in charging for our talents. Knowing that God only asks 10% means I am free to give 25% or even 100% if I so desire but that there is no guilt in giving back to God only 10% and thanking Him for being the generous Father He is.

He is a Father first.

He delights in my talent. He delights in my sharings. He delights in my success.

He is a proud Father and that's what Fathers do.
10% of my writing goes to God! I can so do this!

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  1. Very enlightening thoughts. As always, thank you for sharing, Cay!


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